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Golf Simulator Solutions For Retail Sales, Clubfitting, & Swing Analysis

Show customers empirical results- not a subjective sales pitch. Players see which clubs are
best for them. State-of-the-art technology offers dynamic instruction to support higher rates.

After browsing basic the Clubfitting/Instruction features described below, click on the buttons
at the bottom of this page to view size/dimensions for our 2 basic Golf Shop models and the
feature package for each.

Whatever your indoor golf needs- Clubfitting, Golf Instruction, or Indoor Course Play- Let
DeadSolid's experts assist you to customize your facility's own "profit center" for your
business' needs and budget. Give your facility the sales edge- DeadSolid's Swing Analysis.

As highlighted in Golf Digest magazine's article "The Smash Factor" (clubhead vs. ball speed
at impact), DeadSolid Golf scans BOTH clubhead (yellow area) and ball (blue area) measured
precisely and then uses proven scientific information for range tested accurate ballfight.

By measuring the ball's true initial velocity at impact, golfers can find out how "DeadSolid"
their own Smash Factor is (instead of their estimated "Mush Factor" 12 feet away from impact).

Accurate Swing Analysis data is displayed after all shots and stored in the “ShotTracker”
averaged by club. The BallTrac shows the down- range view as a continuous trail of golf balls
in an arch. A FliteTrac window displays the side trajectory view. Each club can be color coded.
The realistic FaceTrac animations (wood or iron) of club/ball contact. Golfers easily understand
why their shots flew as they did

Easily record, examine and compare swings. With one touch you can record your swing that
automatically plays back in slow motion (after your ball flies down the range or hole). Snap to
key swing positions - Address, Top, Impact, Finish. Step frame-by-frame. The video controls
work much like your VCR. Compare a golfer’s swings side-by-side, synchronized to a pro’s
swing. Record your own Pro-Swing library.


Clubfitting stores the Swing Analysis of up to 15 individual swings for 4 different type clubs.
Quickly qualify a player’s true potential “smash factor” by deleting unwanted shots. Accurately
fit more golfers faster to increase your sales. Enable your customers to try out the latest
clubmaking technology to keep their golf games on the cutting edge. But don’t take our word
ask for our list of successful clients.


A pioneer in full-size computer golf simulation, DeadSolid Golf has provided accurate and
reliable swing analysis to golf retailers and teaching facilities worldwide since 1992.
Let their success, become your success...


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