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Swing Analysis - Standard With All Equipment

DeadSolid tracks the club face and the ball. Our swing analyzer not only measures the club head at impact to the ball, but also vertical and horizontal take off, and ball speed. Shots are read before the ball hits the screen. This enables DeadSolid to range test outside and compare simulator data to actual outside range results.

You can see your club face in slow motion as it meets the ball, and watch the ball leave the club. Your customer will marvel at your technology while gaining a better understanding of your golf swing.

Swing Analysis features

face trac

The realistic FaceTrac Animations (woods or irons) show how the club contacted the ball. It helps golfers understand the accurate swing analysis data (clubhead speed, clubface angle, swing path, impact point, rotation, tempo, & "smash factor") and why their shots hooked, sliced, and traveled certain distances (ball speed and launch angle). This analysis combination can be displayed during Course Play, Driving Range, & Longest Drive/Closest to Pin modes.

flite trac

The FliteTrac Window displays a side profile view of each shot showing the side trajectory of the ball's flight. It enables direct comparison of up to four different clubs, each shown in a different color. BallTrac traces the down range view of each shot, leaving a continuous trail of golf balls in an arch. The overhead map view shows the shot patterns for all shots.

smash factor

As highlighted in Golf Digest magazine's article "The Smash Factor" (clubhead vs. ball speed at impact), DeadSolid Golf scans BOTH clubhead (yellow area) and ball (blue area) measured precisely and then uses proven scientific information for range tested accurate ballfight. By measuring the ball's true initial velocity at impact, golfers can find out how "DeadSolid" their own Smash Factor is (instead of their estimated "Mush Factor" 12 feet away from impact).

swing analysis Specifications

The realistic "FaceTrac" animations (woods or irons) show visually how the club contacted the ball. Whether in 18 hole course play, driving range or contest modes, this integrated analysis is displayed after every shot. Golfers easily understand why their shots flew as they did.

BallFlite analyzer measures both the club head (yellow shaded area) and the ball (blue shaded area). Utilizing all this information, our software provides the most comprehensive analysis on the market.

“ When we started our home golf simulator search our goal was simple, we wanted a golf simulator that did everything. DeadSolid delivered! It is everything we wanted and more. ”

-Dead Solid Golf Client

  • Club head speed (at impact)
  • Face angle (open or closed at impact)
  • Path (inside out or outside in, draw or fade)
  • Rotation (last inch of club face before impact)
  • Impact point
  • Tempo of back swing
  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle of the ball
  • Carry (total distance)